Individual approach

We can handle your full loads, part loads(starting with 1 euro pallet EPAL). We provide both for standard services as well as special transports, like heavy, oversized, dangerous goods, goods that need temperature control. Transportation of goods in refrigerators (REF, perish) is used for food, drinks, pharmaceutical goods, building materials, non-hazardous chemicals. We develop transportation of all classes of ADRs (dangerous goods).

Groupage Cargo

Groupage cargo transportations are transportations of small cargos from various customers. The transportation is carried out to the same destination by means of one vehicle. Groupage cargo transportations allow minimizing costs of small cargo deliveries. Melon Logistic offers transportation of groupage cargos in Europe, Scandinavia and Baltics, providing full door- to – door service.

Full Load Cargo

Melon Logistic offers transportation of full load cargos in Europe, Scandinavia and Baltics, providing full door-to-door service.

Dangerous Cargo (ADR)

Melon Logistic vehicle fleet is equipped and certified for transportation of dangerous goods, and it is done by qualified truck drivers. Melon Logistic offers transportation of dangerous goods (ADR) in Europe, Scandinavia and Baltics, providing full door – to – door service.


Melon Logistic offers convenient storage premises for storing, stocking, and reloading of various goods. Storages in Riga and Poland are available every day and they are guarded 24/7.

Express Deliveries

Express delivery is the best choice, if speed is the most important part of cargo delivery. Melon Logistic offers express deliveries of full and groupage cargos in Europe, Scandinavia and Baltics, providing full door-to-door service.

Private Goods Deliveries

Melon Logistic offers transport services for carriage of personal belongings and private items by finding the best individual solution in each situation.

Domestic Deliveries

Domestic deliveries in Latvia with a variety of Melon Logistic delivery options: from emergency same day through guaranteed time – next day delivery options.

Cargo Insurance

All trucks which carry out transport operations are insured by Convention on the Contract for International Carriage of Goods by Road signed at Geneva on May 19, 1956 (CMR).

Customs Brokerage

Melon Logistic, in cooperation with professional customs brokers, will provide any customs services, which greatly facilitate and expedite your cargo importing or exporting.

Cargo Transportation Logistics

We handle customs clearance and transport documents. We can design a solution that supports your current warehousing needs. We offer freight consolidation services, cargo insurance.

Cargo consolidation includes such warehouse services as:

  • overload of goods
  • repackaging
  • marking
  • storage
  • re-registration of customs documents

The design includes:

  • implementation of the following customs procedures: import / export / transit
  • preparation of international consignment notes (CMR).

An experienced declarant will contact the customs authorities all the way to your destination. Our company has a CMR insurance policy of up to EUR 400,000. The policy ensures the safety of your cargo during transportation. We offer our clients additional insurance of the cargo as property against all possible risks.